Barbara Alyn Woods Puts Spotlight On Her "Circus Family"


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Barbara Alyn Woods Has A "Circus Family."

Barbara Alyn Woods, who is most known for her role as Deb Scott on One Tree Hill, is revealing the right way to raise your children as actors.

Woods and director husband John Lind have three children together, Natalie, 11, Emily, 9, and Alyvia, 4. And the OTH actress wants you to know how to build a “stable and nurturing environment” for child actors.

Woods opened up to Celebrity Baby Scoop and below is an excerpt from the full interview.

CBS: Tell us about your three daughters Natalie, Emily and Alyvia.

BAW: “Our family never stops! It’s so important to us that we do achieve a balanced life, so I make sure we put as much effort into having “fun” as we do into school and work. Recently, work has been taking over a bit. Lately, at least two of the five Linds are working on any given day but the good news is that we all enjoy “working” immensely! It’s a great life when you love your job.

Alyvia is about to turn 4, and she has been ready for this business for 2 years. She “writes” her own movies, then casts them, directs them and shoots them herself! She usually plays the lead. When she was only 2-years old, she would sit and listen to her sisters (and me) rehearse our lines, and she would walk away knowing them word-for-word. John and I realized very early on that we had created another one! She absolutely loves to work on scripts. It’s kind of cliche to say that it’s in her blood…but I don’t have any other way to explain it. When other kids want to ride their bikes, she wants to make movies.”

CBS: All three of your girls are becoming stars of their own. How are you safeguarding them from the crazy world of Tinseltown?

BAW: “I, for one, have never considered Tinseltown that crazy. I find it exhilarating. My kids love the fast pace. We work out of town so often in such diverse locations, though, that we’re all able to taste many different life styles and cultures. It helps to keep all of us grounded.

Natalie, Emily and Aly focus a lot of their attention and love on their maltipoo puppy, Georgie. She’s their traveling companion when they work out of town…a little “taste of home” when they spend weeks at a time on location.

They love gymnastics, and take hip hop class. Aly’s recently started ballet. We’re all movie buffs so we spend our weekends watching classics. We challenge anyone to find a scary movie we haven’t seen!”

CBS: What’s your best advice for parents who want to get their kids into showbiz?

BAW: “My best advice when parents ask about getting their kids involved in acting is, “Be sure that this is what they want to do.” When you’re successful at it, you have to love it so much that you’re willing to give up a lot. You have to be sure that this is their dream, not yours. I am constantly giving the girls an out if they want one. I always tell them that the minute they’re not enjoying this, we’ll find something else that they do enjoy. And although, your children need to know to take their work very seriously, they should never feel the pressure of getting work. This is their activity – just like other kids join soccer or basketball teams.”

With this family, the action never stops. In fact, Woods likes to I call her family “the circus family.” As she says, “life NEVER gets boring!”

I’m hoping for a One Tree Hill comeback by the mother of three. Not only is it very likely that the CW will pick up the veteran series for another season (its ninth), but we haven’t seen Deb Scott since season 7. Do us a favor, Woods! Come back to Tree Hill.

How do you feel about this Hollywood family? Is it all too much?

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