Barbara Bush Wants Marriage Equality: Why Are People Surprised? (VIDEO)

barbara bush
Barbara Bush Supports Marriage Equality

Barbara Bush, one of George W. Bush’s twin daughters, is speaking out and standing up for equal marriage rights in the state of New York. You can watch Barbara Bush talk about marriage equality in the video clip below.

There is a huge buzz around the Barbara Bush video today, because people seem shocked that she has a different opinion than her father on gay marriage. Why are people so surprised by her beliefs?

Barbara Bush is an adult, and she is perfectly capable of forming her own set of opinions and values based on what she feels is right. By speaking up for something she believes in, she’s showing that she is an individual. It doesn’t mean that she’s deliberately trying to go against what her father believes.

George W. Bush raised his daughters to be independent. If anything, I would bet that he is proud of Barbara for speaking her mind.

Photo: PRPhotos