Barbara Walters Special 2010: Who SHOULD Have Made Most Fascinating List

barbara walters 10 most fascinating people barbar walters special 2010
Barbara Walters Special 2010: Sarah Palin should not have made this list

Snooki and The Situation: Funny, certainly. Ridiculous, undoubtedly. Deluded, absolutely. But most fascinating people of the year? Really? I think Barbara Walters’ special 2010 got a lot of her 10 Most Fascinating People totally wrong, and the “Jersey Shore” cast is the first “people” I’d remove. Here’s a few who should have made Barbara Walters’ 10 most fascinating people of ’10 and who they should have replaced:

Bristol Palin (instead of Sarah Palin, who is sooo 2008)

Simon Cowell (instead of Jennifer Lopez)

Demi Lovato (instead of Justin Bieber really, Justin Bieber?? Is Walters 81 or 18?)

Jane Lynch (instead of Kate Middleton)

Albert Pujols (instead of LeBron James)

What do you think did Walters make good choices?


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