Barbara Walters Special: Watch Justin Bieber On Barbara Walters Special (Video)

justin bieber barbara walters special
Watch Justin Bieber on Barbara Walters Special

The Barbara Walters Special is airing right now on ABC. The two-part Barbara Walters Special includes her interview with Oprah Winfrey, and her 10 most fascinating people for 2010, one of which is pop sensation Justin Bieber. Watch a video clip below of Justin Bieber on the Barbara Walters Special to get a sneak peek!

Barbara Walters asks Justin Bieber about the girl he was seen kissing in the back of a car a couple of months ago. Though he doesn’t name names, it is common knowledge that the girl was Jasmine Villegas. Justin admits kissing her to Barbara Walters, but gives the indication that they are not dating.

Rumors have been swirling that Justin Bieber is actually dating Selena Gomez. Will he admit to dating Selena Gomez on the Barbara Walters Special?

Stay tuned!

Photo: Pacific Coast News