Battle of the Baby Bumps: Hilary Duff Vs. Jennifer Garner! (Photos)

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Hilary Duff and Jennifer Garner are both getting ready to birth their babies.

Two of the hottest pregnancies in Hollywood are rounding out their final trimesters: Hilary Duff and Jennifer Garner. But who will pop first?

Duff recently tweeted that she is looking forward to the end of her 9-month pregnancy. She said, “Laying around being lazy! its actually kinda hard for me to do!i just wanna attack the day but I’m sooo freakkken preggggs!C’mon baby! COOK!”

And Garner is still deciding on the most clever baby name for her new baby on board.

But their baby bumps definitely give Beyonce’s a run for its money! Take a look at the baby bump comparison below!

  • Baby Blue 1 of 20
    Baby Blue
    Hilary Duff was spotted on Jan. 26, sporting a very boyish blue top.
  • Violet for Violet 2 of 20
    Violet for Violet
    Jennifer Garner, who has a daughter named Violet, was spotted wearing a violet colored top with a large scarf.
  • Sunset Stripes 3 of 20
    Sunset Stripes
    The sun was blocked from Hilary's eyes with some cool sunglasses and a straw hat.
  • Sunglasses, No Hat 4 of 20
    Sunglasses, No Hat
    Jennifer also has her own pair of sunglasses, but looks to be missing the hat.
  • Boy On the Way 5 of 20
    Boy On the Way
    Hilary is currently expecting a baby boy with husband Mike Comrie.
  • Mommy/Daughter Duo 6 of 20
    Mommy/Daughter Duo
    Violet walked with mommy as she wrapped a blanket around her body.
  • Cook Baby, Cook! 7 of 20
    Cook Baby, Cook!
    Hilary recently tweeted that she'd like her pregnancy to be over with. She said, "C'mom baby! Cook!"
  • Almost Full Term 8 of 20
    Almost Full Term
    Jennifer is in her 9th month of pregnancy as she is due this February.
  • Hilary Stays Fit and Pretty 9 of 20
    Hilary Stays Fit and Pretty
    Hilary makes regular visits to the salon and fitness classes.
  • Boy on the Way! 10 of 20
    Boy on the Way!
    Jennifer and husband Ben Affleck are reportedly expecting a baby boy.
  • New Trends 11 of 20
    New Trends
    Hilary recently took up a "Piloxing" class.
  • The Color Purple 12 of 20
    The Color Purple
    Jen really looks to love the color purple.
  • Another Boy on the Way 13 of 20
    Another Boy on the Way
    Hilary and Mike are expecting a baby boy in March.
  • Pondering Baby Names 14 of 20
    Pondering Baby Names
    Jennifer walked with a friend as they most likely decided on baby names.
  • How Big Can She Get? 15 of 20
    How Big Can She Get?
    Does Hilary look to be 8 months pregnant? She is currently rounding out her third trimester.
  • Ready To Burst! 16 of 20
    Ready To Burst!
    Jennifer looks absolutely ready to pop! She could be due any day now.
  • Musical Comeback 17 of 20
    Musical Comeback
    Hilary is looking to get back into music once she has her baby.
  • Comparison 18 of 20
    Take a look at Jennifer's baby bump and think about how Beyonce looked at full term. Now do you think Beyonce's was fake?
  • Beyonce Who? 19 of 20
    Beyonce Who?
    Hilary even looks to be bigger than Beyonce was at full term. Hmm...
  • Bright Future 20 of 20
    Bright Future
    Jennifer looks to be very excited about having a third child in her life.

[Photos via Pacific Coast News.]

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