Battle Of The Duck Face: Kim Kardashian vs. Jessica Simpsons Daughter (Photo)


Talk about FIERCE! Both Kim Kardashian and Jessica Simpson’s daughter Maxwell Johnson have been showing off some major duck face on Instagram this week and to be quite honest with you, both ladies are working the camera like I’ve never seen it before!

Kim Kardashian showed off her best “duck face” pose while taking a selfie backstage at the Late Night with Seth Meyers show while proud mama Jessica Simpson shared a selfie with both her and her daughter on her Instagram account. This is just way too close to call, if you ask me. There’s just so much cuteness coming Maxwell that I just can’t handle it, LOL!

Check out our photo below and tell us, who wins this battle of the duck face: Kim Kardashian or Maxwell Johnson? Post a line in our comments section below and let us know what you think!

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Photos via Kris Jenner Instagram and Jessica Simpson Instagram

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