Battle of the Reality TV Baby Bump: Snooki Vs. Kim Zolciak (Photos)

Snooki vs. Kim Zolciak

Reality TV  is enjoying two high profile pregnancies right now – The Jersey Shore‘s Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi and The Real Housewives of New Jersey‘s Kim Zolciak. These two ladies have lots in common. They both came to fame due to the immense popularity of their shows, they both found love during their reality star tenure, they are both outspoken, outgoing, outrageous and knocked up. And that’s not where the comparisons stop! They both are embracing a similar maternity style.

Check out Snooki vs. Kim Zolciak baby bump style right here!

  • Snooki in Flowing White 1 of 14
    Snooki in Flowing White
    Snooki wears a flowing white shirt looking a bit like a hippie.
  • Kim Zolciak in Flowing White 2 of 14
    Kim Zolciak in Flowing White
    Kim also went with flowing white in her date night maternity dress.
    Source: Twitter
  • Kim Zolciak’s Bright Shoes 3 of 14
    Kim Zolciak's Bright Shoes
    Kim embraced the season bright neon trend with her pair of very high platform heels while preggers.
  • Snooki’s Bright Shoes 4 of 14
    Snooki's Bright Shoes
    Snooki showed off her own neon hued platforms too!
    Source: Twitter
  • Snooki in Burgundy 5 of 14
    Snooki in Burgundy
    Snooki wore burgundy - in her hair.
  • Kim Zolciak in Burgundy 6 of 14
    Kim Zolciak in Burgundy
    Kim Zolciak wore burgundy in the form of a long dress.
  • Snooki Goes Tight 7 of 14
    Snooki Goes Tight
    Snooki wears tight pants to show off her curves.
    Source: Twitter
  • Kim Zolicak Goes TIght 8 of 14
    Kim Zolicak Goes TIght
    Kim Zolciak wears a super tight dress to show off her baby bump curves.
  • Kim Zolciak Bumps it Up in Black 9 of 14
    Kim Zolciak Bumps it Up in Black
    Kim bumps it up in a tight black dress.
  • Snooki Bumps it Up in Black 10 of 14
    Snooki Bumps it Up in Black
    And Snooki, she goes for a tight black T.
    Source: Twitter
  • Snooki’s Sunglasses 11 of 14
    Snooki's Sunglasses
    Snooki turns away from the paparazzi in her over-sized glasses.
  • Kim Zolciak’s Sunglasses 12 of 14
    Kim Zolciak's Sunglasses
    And Kim went for a pair of over-sized aviator shades.
  • Kim Zolciak Keeps it Glam 13 of 14
    Kim Zolciak Keeps it Glam
    Kim goes for a pale pink lip and long black lashes.
    Source: Twitter
  • Snooki Keeps it Glam 14 of 14
    Snooki Keeps it Glam
    Snooki goes for the same subtle maternity makeup.
    Source: Twitter

Photos: PacificCoastNews