Battle of the Yummy Mummies: Supermodel Elle MacPherson Says She Feels Sometimes Upstaged By Victoria Beckham

Hot mom Elle MacPherson in London

In news that we can only categorize as “yeah, right,” supermodel Elle MacPherson says that she sometimes feels upstaged when it comes to wearing the same dress fashion designer Victoria Beckham might have worn earlier.

Elle, who was known as “The Body” during her modeling heydey in the nineties, still looks fab today, but says she wouldn’t be caught wearing the same dress as Victoria.  But this is not because they are fashion rivals, but simply because she thinks Victoria looks better.

Elle told Britain’s Daily Record:  “Unfortunately when you see her in a dress and then you in a dress, you think, ‘Oh gosh, better not pick that one!'”

Elle also had kind words for Victoria’s fashion label saying, “I think Victoria is one of the smartest business women around.”

“She has really taken that brand and followed her dreams when people said she couldn’t do it and that’s what I really love about her,” Elle added.

While Elle is still one of the hottest supermodels around, let’s see if Victoria will hang on to some of her pregnancy pounds when she makes her first public appearance after having given birth to baby Harper Seven last week.  Embracing her post-baby body and hitting the gym Gisele Bundchen-style will sure make Victoria a healthy yummy mummy we can relate to.