'Baywatch' Actress Feels Exposed After TSA Scan

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Donna D'Errico Feels Overexposed With TSA Scan

We’ve all heard about those obnoxious and embarrassing TSA scans that airport security now mandates when taking a flight. Now that they are in full effect, celebrities such as Donna D’Errico are feeling overexposed.

According to AOL News, the former Baywatch beauty feels overexposed after going through what she calls a humiliating body scan by Transportation Security Administration agents at Los Angeles International Airport.

D’Errico, who was the Playboy Playmate in September 1995, says she got a few leers along with the scan and isn’t happy about it.

D’Errico, 42, says the encounter occurred at LAX while trying to catch a flight to Pittsburgh with her son, Rhyan, 17.

Have you gone through a TSA scan yet? Did you feel overexposed?