Bea Arthur: Did Bea Arthur Have A Secret Life? (Video)

Bea Arthur
Did Bea Arthur have a secret life as a Marine?

Bea Arthur is probably most well known for playing sassy and headstrong Dorothy Zbornak on The Golden Girls. New photos have recently surfaced that suggest that celeb mom Bea Arthur may have had a secret life before her acting career took off. The Smoking Gun has released photos of Bea Arthur, whose real name was Bernice Frankel, that may be proof that she served as a United States Marine.

You can view the photos of Bea Arthur here. You can also watch a video clip below where Bea Arthur denies ever having served in the Marines.

Although she denied it, military records indicate that Bea Arthur was in the Marines for over two years, and that she served as a typist and a truck driver. She was supposedly one of the first members of the Women’s Reserves.

While she was in the Marines, Bea Arthur was stationed in North Carolina and Virginia, and in September of 1945, she was given honorable discharge as a Staff Sergeant.

What do you think of Bea Arthur as a Marine?

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