Beat the Recession, Celebrity-Style


Look, despite what the pundits are saying, this recession isn’t going anywhere. Jobs are gone, restaurants are suffering, diapers are still expensive, and my bank-account balance is downright depressing. So it’s time to cut back expenses… celeb-style! Yes, these  rich-and-famous parents  have a few money-saving tips for the rest of us: 

1. Liev Schreiber says: Explore alternate modes of transportation. Last fall, Schreiber was frequently seen traveling around NYC on his Vespa. This spring, he’s taking the subway and riding a bike. Times a little tight, Liev? You, too, can save the environment and your wallet by leaving your car in the garage and letting the taxis pass you by. The subway is faster, anyway.

2. Kendra Wilkinson says: Don’t be afraid of discount stores. She shops at Target for Hank Jr. I shop at Old Navy for AD Lynn Sr. Plus, if you know a good forger (and who doesn’t?), he can concoct some counterfeit Dolce & Gabbana tags for you to sew into your cut-rate, no-name purchases. And voila! You’re suddenly fashionable.

3. Amy Adams says: Shop the cheap grocery stores. Check her out, at right. See the prices on that meat? That’s no chi-chi fancy-foods shop she’s in. It’s her bargain basement supermarket. Can I make a suggestion, though? It’s great to shop places like that for bread, cereal, rice, veggies, soups, canned goods, and other pantry staples, but cheap meat is a bad idea. Read Jonathan Safran Foer’s book, Eating Animals, to see why. I’d recommend sourcing your meat from local farms (and butchers who use local farms), instead. If that’s impossible, or too expensive in your area? When it comes to recession-friendly proteins, nothing is cheaper than a big bowl of chick-pea chili. Or a quinoa-and-cheese pilaf. Or whole-wheat pasta marinara. Or a simply fried tilapia fillet. Or black bean soup. Or veggie burritos.

4. Kate Winslet says: When all else fails, give in to your inner bag-lady. Yes, that’s Kate Winslet below. It looks as if she’s hit the skids. Yet rather than go into credit card debt (a la Lindsay Lohan) to keep up her celebrity lifestyle, it appears that she’s hawked all of her worldly good and is dressing entirely in Salvation Army cast-offs. It also appears that she’s fired her hair guy. What? What’s that you say? She’s in costume for her role in Mildred Pierce? Yeah, right.