Beauty and the Beast is Back in 3D: Another Dimension of Disney Magic!

Beauty and the Beast is Back!

The only time I have ever seen the 1991 Disney classic Beauty and the Beast was on VHS soon after it came out and then on DVD after the birth of my princess loving daughter.  Of course the movie was amazing, but in a small screen, Friday movie night sort of way. I never realized how majestic this film is… until now, when I was able to see Beauty and the Beast in all it’s majestic full screen magic in 3D no less.

After the amazing success of the Lion King 3D (which made a stunning and surprising $30 million at the box office), comes another newly mastered and beloved Disney film from the vaults, that little tale of a girl named Belle and the transformation of a cursed creature simply known as the Beast.

And the new 3D action? It’s gorgeous. I was worried that it would seem distracting, or odd. But the richness and texture that the 3D adds, really is worth the price of admission. It seemed as if the film had always been in this form. And one of the benefits? It gives the film a new-ness, a freshness, a new dimension, to something that truly is a timeless classic. Being such a classic, it doesn’t need the 3D treatment, but it really does add an another layer of magic.

Sure, the price of admission for a 3D ticket is a bit more, but the smile on your kids face when going to see such a wonderful film on the big screen? Well, that’s priceless.

For more about Beauty and the Beast check out their site right here.

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