BeBe Winans on Howard Stern: Will Robin Quivers Date This Dad?

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Bebe Winans on Howard Stern: Will the dad date Robin Quivers?

Howard Stern loves to meddle in Robin Quivers’ love life, and today he brought in a man he thinks would be a perfect mate: gospel and R&B singer Bebe Winans. Winans appeared on the show to promote his new Sirius program, and during the first minutes of his appearance, Stern kept pushing Winans and Quivers to go on a date.

“Love is in the air,” he said at one point, after Quivers discussed her recent marathon finish with Winans. Quivers has lost 80 pounds switching to a vegan diet, and she noted that Winans, whom she did not recognize when he first came into the studio, has lost weight, too.

What do you think should these two give it a try? (Quivers may want to note that Winans was arrested last year for domestic violence after he and his ex-wife got in a fight about custody of their children, though the charges were dismissed.)


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