Becks Nearly Comes To Blows With Galaxy Fan!



David’s return to the LA Galaxy last night turned so ugly that he eventually ran to the sideline screaming at an obnoxious fan. What a classy example to set for his three boys…

Look, I don’t understand, or even pretend to understand soccer. So, I’m not really sure exactly why LA Galaxy fans hate David so much (they apparently booed every time he touched the ball) — but I’m guessing that the fact that the Galaxy were playing against AC Milan (Beckhams other team) didn’t help things.

“One of the guys was saying things that wasn’t very nice. It was stepping over the line,” Beckham told the Associated Press. “I said, ‘You need to calm down and come shake my hand,’ and he jumped over.”

Yeah right, I’m sure that’s exactly what Becks was yelling about. He wanted to shake hands… that’s all.

Even if David couldn’t keep his cool. At least he managed a good save with that explanation. Maybe his sons will believe it.

I can’t blame the dude for being super-angry, but really Becks, maybe it’s you who should calm down. Take your money and play soccer. Shake hands with people who don’t want to kick you in the face.