Behind the Scenes of Taylor Swift’s Disney Parks Ad!


Have you seen the brand new Disney Parks ad starring Taylor Swift as Rapunzel? If not, take a gander at the amazing image at left. This is the newest in the Annie Leibovitz Disney Dreams Portrait series (you can check out the others in the gorgeous series right here).

And now we get a sneak peek at the behind the scenes of the making of the ad along with an interview with Rapunzel aka Taylor Swift. The Grammy winning superstar said of the experience that she “was so honored…it was like a childhood fastasy coming into reality.” And her Disney roots go deep.

“I have so many amazing memories that come from Disney, I started off singing Disney songs. My parents knew I was obsessed with this when I would walk up to strangers and start singing Lion King songs on the beach. It helps form kids imaginations in a way that is in immeasurable in a way.” Very, very true.

Check out this  awesome behind the scenes video right here:

Photo Source: Disney Parks

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