Behind the Scenes of The Real Housewives of NJ Reunion! Andy Cohen Dishes on The Drama (VIDEO)


Andy Cohen has a Flip Cam and he’s not afraid to use it. The vice president of programming for Bravo, host of Watch What Happens and the referee of the Real Housewives reunion shows did a video diary from the set of the volcanic Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion. It was tense, stressful and will make for some great viewing…and just in case things got really insane, Andy mentions that there were off duty cops on the set for added security!

So, what was Andy’s reaction to the insanity of the reunion?

The man kept calm in the midst of the chaos and seemed not just exacerbated and exhausted but pretty darn amused. His footage has a Blair Witch Project like creepiness which just adds to the feeling of tension. Here are three clips of what went down.

At one point the cast and Andy took a ‘much needed break in the filming.’ After their long long lunch, Andy dished that, “The last act…just went up in flames,” adding that “I don’t know how…we’re going to cut it all together.” And he said they hadn’t even gotten to the “tough questions” like “Danielle’s sex tape, mafia stuff, mean tweets from Jacqueline, square tits. It’s nuts.” Oh, my!

Also amusing is watching Teresa Giudice getting her photo taken. She pulls a pose that’s one part harlot one part beauty queen, Andy documents her photo shoot because, “I love how Teresa poses for the pictures!”

In this clip Andy asks all the ladies if they sleep the night before. All the ladies slept just fine,  “like a baby,” except Caroline who didn’t sleep a wink. And in this clip we also see that Caroline’s daughter Lauren worked on the set as a makeup artist.