Being A NICU Parent: 10 Celebrities Who Think It Sucks Too

Celebrity NICU parents

As any parent who has gone through it would know, leaving a hospital without your child after you have given birth to him or her is perhaps the worst feeling in the world. Having to watch your child sleep in a hospital’s neonatal intensive care unit while you can’t hold them or cradle them during their first days of their life basically sucks more than finding out that Ben and Jerry’s has discontinued your favorite ice cream flavor forever, to put it lightly.

While celebrities love to talk about how “wonderful” and “great” and easy childbirth for them was (copyright: Gisele Bundchen) or how “scared” and “frightened” they are over giving birth to their babies naturally, sometimes you just want them to shut up, right? Because there’s nothing more frightening and scarier than seeing your baby rolled away to the NICU after the hospital’s doctor tells you something might possibly be wrong with your child only a mere few moments after you put on your warrior face and gave birth to them after a 24-hour or even longer painful delivery that had you screaming for a bloody mary (or something stronger) because those contractions were one hell of a bitch. I mean, not everyone gives birth the Mariah Carey way with a live edition of her singing “Fantasy” at one of her Madison Square concerts with a recorded applause at the end.

But thankfully there are those celebrities who don’t pretend that their birthing experience was all rainbows and butterflies and who also admit that giving birth to a preemie and having to endure a few hellish weeks as a NICU parent was no fun – period. It’s a good thing we have celebrity moms like Faith Hill, Sheri Shepherd, and even Charlie Sheen’s ex-wife Brooke Mueller who admit that seeing your baby spend their first few days in a NICU is one heck of a heart breaking experience you don’t want to go through twice.

Check out our photo gallery and some quotes we’ve complied of celebrity parents and their experiences with their babies in the neonatal intensive care unit and tell us, did you have a similar experience? My son was admitted to the NICU after his birth almost two years ago after what was considered to be a minor hospital “precaution” and let me tell you, it almost felt like having your baby sit in jail for two weeks. Did I like having to visit the hospital 5-6 time a day to breastfeed my baby in the NICU for two weeks while getting pissed that the overnight nurse would feed him formula because I was a few minutes late? Not at all. But as every good parent knows, sometimes you just have to put your anger and fear in your back pockets and do what’s best for your child.

Here’s to the NICU parents who make it out with their babies as not only survivors but as stronger parents, too. You guys deserve your bloody marys… and more. Cue the recorded applause.

  • Faith Hill 1 of 10
    Faith Hill
    Back in 2002, Faith gave birth to her daughter Audrey eight weeks early, who weighed in at a little over 3 pounds. Faith said her experience as a NICU parent was one of the toughest ones as a parent, explaining, "The toughest thing was seeing her in her little Isolette. Not being able to feed her and seeing her lose a little weight."
    Original quote via People
  • Nancy Grace 2 of 10
    Nancy Grace
    Nancy Grace developed pulmonary edema and delivered her twins two months early back in 2007. After her twins were admitted to the NICU, she wrote at the time, "Please continue to pray and think of them. I feel so positive and hopeful when I read your emails and cards, hopeful for the day we will all come homeas a family."
    Original quote via People
  • Dennis Quaid 3 of 10
    Dennis Quaid
    This is probably the most heartbreaking story. Dennis Quaid's newborn twins were given the wrong dose of medication and wound up in the neo-natal intensive care unit back in 2007. The babies were born via surrogate and were mistakenly given the wrong dose of Heparin and reportedly "bled out." Dennis later filed a lawsuit against Baxter Healthcare, the drug company that manufactures Heparin.
    Source via Bloomberg
  • Sophie Ellis Bexter 4 of 10
    Sophie Ellis Bexter
    British songstress Sophie Ellis Bextor gave birth to her son by emergency C-section at 31 weeks due to pre-eclampsia back in 2009. Sophie said she was caught off-guard when earlier this year she again developed the life threatening condition, saying at the time: "Knowing there wasn't any way that he'd be home with us no matter how things had gone made it easier so we just tried to go with the slight feeling of limbo and tried to be patient as he started to get well enough to come home."
    Original quote via People
  • Brooke Mueller and Charlie Sheen 5 of 10
    Brooke Mueller and Charlie Sheen
    Things didn't go very smoothly after Brooke Mueller and Charlie Sheen's twin boys, Bob and Max, were born back in 2009 with Max having had to endure an extended month-long stay in the NICU after he allegedly developed an unknown heart condition. Brooke said at the time, ""It was scary ... I went to the NICU to see them and words can't express how amazing and shocking to see two human beings that came out of me. But I was scared. Our babies had so many tubes on them, it was frightening."
    Original quote via Famecrawler
  • Kerry Katona 6 of 10
    Kerry Katona
    Anyone who has picked up a British version of OK! Magazine pretty much knows who Kerry Katona is (and for those who don't let's just say she's their Lindsay Lohan across the pond). The reality television star openly smoked a pack of cigarettes a day during her fourth pregnancy with her son and ended up delivering him five weeks early back in 2008. At the time the British Heart Foundation also condemned Katona for smoking while pregnant. She's even gone on the record to defend another british reality star's smoking during her pregnancy, too. Ugh.
    Source via ITV
  • Melissa Gilbert 7 of 10
    Melissa Gilbert
    Melissa Gilbert's pregnancy joy became a pregnancy nightmare when she went into delivery two months before her due date back in 1995. Melissa recalls her experience as a NICU mom by saying, "I went home from the hospital on Oct. 10. I had to rest, but I didn't want to be far from Michael. What if there was an earthquake? What if something went wrong? Every morning I would pump breast milk, be at the hospital by noon, come home around 3 p.m., pump milk again, go back to the hospital at 8 p.m., get home by 11 and pump one more time before bed."
    Original quote via People
  • Sheri Shepherd 8 of 10
    Sheri Shepherd
    In a recent "Dancing With The Stars" live show when contestants danced to a song that was recorded on their most memorable year, funny woman Sheri Shepherd chose 2005, the year that her son Jeffrey was born. She gave birth to him at 25 weeks, with him weighing in at only 1 pound and 10 ounces. Sheri has opened up about the challenges of raising her son with his disabilities, saying, "My son's have developmental delays, but everything that the doctors predicted that he would have, I'm praising God he does not have. He does not have mental retardation; he doesn't have cerebral palsy, no shunts in his brain. But it is a challenge dealing with a child that has developmental delays."
    Original quote via IMDB
  • Michelle Duggar 9 of 10
    Michelle Duggar
    Michelle Duggar gave birth to her last child, Josie Duggar, four months early back in December 2009. Josie weighed in at 1-pound and 6-ounces after an emergency c-section and spent a total of three months in the NICU.
    Source via ABC News
  • Angelina Jolie 10 of 10
    Angelina Jolie
    According to the French press, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's twins Vivienne and Knox were born prematurely back in 2008. A French newspaper originally reported the twins to be born on July 1, which they were later forced to retract to July 14. There was also speculation that Angie had secretly delivered early when she checked in to a Parisian hospital one month prior to the twins' birth. The Hollywood couple's rep later denied reports that the twins were born premature. If the twins were in fact born prematurely, Ang could have used the opportunity to be an advocate and strong celebrity voice for babies who are born as preemies around the world, as she is with many other worldly causes she fights for everyday.
    Source via Hollyscoop

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