Bearded Ben Affleck


Ben Affleck Picking Up Violet From SchoolBen Affleck has joined the ranks of bearded-Americans.  Just days ago he was sporting a bit of a shadow, like a Crockett with a tinge of George Michael, two classics, and now he’s a full-blown Galifianakis.  In a word: awesome.

My concern is for the children.  Exhibit A – sweet little Violet in her Stride Rites and loving life.  Please note the distance from her chin to Ben’s cheek. Close? Yes. But it could be closer and therein lies the literal rub: according to children (mine), “beards itch” and they tend to leave a bit of redness on skin that should never know anything but tender kisses and tears of happiness.

It’s a tough cross for a bearded man to bear.  I feel your pain, Ben.

What do you think of the beard?

Photo courtesy of Duffy & Shanley, Inc.