Ben Affleck And Jennifer Garner Need A Nanny To Go Ice Skating - Really?? (Photos)

Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner had a great day taking their daughters Violet and Seraphina to an Ice Skating rink in Santa Monica.

Violet and her ‘Argo’ star/director father enjoyed two hot dogs each before Violet bravely showed off her skills on the ice with the help of a nanny. Or maybe it was someone from the Ice Skating rink who was teaching Violet to Ice Skate?

I don’t have a nanny, though I think they can be a wonderful convenience, but at the ice skating rink , I would want to do that on my own.  I can not imagine that neither Jennifer Garner nor Ben Affleck do not know how to Ice Skate!

Check out the photos below!

  • Ben and Violet! 1 of 15
    Ben and Violet!
    Ben Affleck is making sure that Violet is safe for her Ice Skating day!
  • Money!!! 2 of 15
    Wow, that is one honest little girl giving all that money back!
  • Beauty! 3 of 15
    Boy, Violet is looking like Jenn!
  • What? 4 of 15
    Mustard with your hotdog?
  • NOPE! 5 of 15
    I want ketchup!
  • Hot Dogs! 6 of 15
    Hot Dogs!
    Hot Dogs for everyone!!!!
  • Oh Man!!! 7 of 15
    Oh Man!!!
    You are taking a photo of me while holding a falling hotdog!!!
  • Hi! 8 of 15
    Please stop taking photos!
  • Snuggle! 9 of 15
    Nothing better then hanging with Daddy!!!
  • Where? 10 of 15
    Looks like they need to figure out where Violet is going!
  • Try! 11 of 15
    It is always great to try to Ice Skate! Violet is trying hard!
  • Clothing! 12 of 15
    They are wearing spring clothes! It is winter!
  • Balance! 13 of 15
    Arms like a butterfly helps you balance!
  • Nanny? 14 of 15
    Nanny or Ski Instructor?
  • GRRRRR….. 15 of 15
    Better run or Ben is coming after you!

(Photo Source : Pacific Coast )

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