Ben Affleck And Jennifer Garner Spent $1000 On Daughter Seraphina's 4th Birthday Party


Last year for my daughter’s 4th birthday party, my husband and I spent about $500 for her and about ten of her friends to have a birthday party at a Hello Kitty store followed by pizza at a nearby restaurant. Six months later we spent about $400 again at my 2-year-old son’s birthday bash at Monkey Joe’s with the price including admission for about 15 kids, food, and goody bags for the kids. After having spent about $1000 on birthday parties for my two children in one year, I said to myself that it would be it and we would be only doing big birthdays every two or three years (with the wallet allowing!).

But when it comes to Hollywood, I’m sure that you’ve heard by now that some celebrities spend a major amount on their children’s toddler parties with some running up to $40,000 (ridiculous, right?). So when I heard that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner spent about $1,000 for their daughter Seraphina’s 4th birthday party at Kidsville in Los Angeles recently, I thought, wow, how normal and incredibly wonderful are they for doing something very low-key and down-to-earth considering they are a big-time Hollywood couple. Here’s what Celebitchy says:

Kidville’s website has details of their birthday packages and the cheapest one starts at $750, and that’s only for 10 kids! Yikes. My kid had his birthday last year at Chuck E. Cheese and it was very pricey at nearly $300, but there were almost 20 kids there and that included everything. It’s safe to assume the Garner-Afflecks got the larger birthday package for $1050, which covers up to 20 kids. That’s chump change to these people. This reminds me of the $40k party that Taylor Armstrong threw for her daughter’s fourth birthday on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. In contrast, Seraphina’s birthday is very down-to-earth. These two could have hired a whole circus to entertain they daughter but they’re giving her an experience that is much more “normal.”

And I’ll add that while yes, $1,000 does seem pricey for a birthday party, it seems to be the normal rate for the Los Angeles area, with many birthday parties in the country running anywhere from $300-$500. Heck, it’s pricey no matter how you look at it. Even when I threw a pajama party for my daughter and only a few of her friends for one birthday, it was still a few hundred bucks with food and party favors included. Tell us Babble readers, what do you think of the cost of birthday parties for toddlers these days?

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