Ben Affleck Is All Growns Up


affleck_hamm-ben-jennifer-garner-ricky-gervais1Since becoming dad Ben Affleck has really loosened up. He doesn’t seem like so much of a douche.

He says that even though he is really broadening his portfolio, he’s been spending more time at home.  He and Jennifer take turns working. She did a couple of movies and now it’s his turn to bring home the bacon.

“That has to do with my family – my wife and I try and work at different times – I’m starting another movie and then I will direct a movie so she’ll take some time off then.”

“I wanted to change how my life was going in terms of the quality of it. It was a little crazy and I wanted to flush some stuff away, and I thought it would be smart to walk away and take a break and that was a good opportunity for me to direct.”

“It was about two years I wasn’t in any movies and that was the best thing for me artistically and personally. It got me back centered and grounded, and made me realize what I love doing, making movies, the art of making movies and it’s not about me being on the poster. I want to do things I’m really proud of.”

Sounds like they have a good plan and it works for them. I know I’ve mentioned this before, but Ben is so much better looking now.  I think it was all that time with J.Lo made him incredibly unattractive. He was always really pasty and unhealthy while with her. Now he is fit and healthy and more attractive then ever.

I guess running after Violet and Seraphina all day keeps him busy.