Ben Affleck Is Happy He Has A Little "Teammate" At Home Now

Ben Affleck

OMG. I love Ben Affleck. I mean, I really, really, really love him as an actor, a director, a producer, and of course, a celebrity dad. He’s really come along way since his Bennifer days and has reinvented himself as a Hollywood A-lister to reckon with. I absolutely loved him in “The Town” and cannot wait to see him in “Argo.” That movie is going to be awesome.

Well, has started a media blitz to promote his film (which he seems to be very proud of), and during an interview with Access Hollywood, he was asked about what he thought of his wife Jennifer Garner’s recent comments about his “little swimmers” and of course, how does it feel to have a son at home with all the girls in his house (who he calls his “little teammate”). Ben got a little flustered over the Jennifer comment and simply responded with, “”I like the role reversal now. It’s usually me that says the like outrageous thing. They ask her the thing and she has to justify it. Is that what she said, really? That’s something. I’m going to put that on the poster for Argo.

Check out our video clip below of Ben. He just looks so cute talking about his family, doesn’t he? Sigh. Swoon. Melt.