Ben Affleck Enjoys His Day Out: He Just Breathes! (Photos)


Ben Affleck is out and about in Los Angeles as he makes his way into the office. Ben is known for not liking the paparazzi! Today he seemed to embrace them, as he was by himself without his kids!

Do you think the kids not being there changes anything?  I would think it is a big part of it!

I personally think it really has to be tough, but then again they get paid big bucks for what they do!

  • Breathe! 1 of 5
    Ben Affleck

    If you just breathe it wil be ok!

  • Huh! 2 of 5

    Ben quickly notices that he is being watched!

  • You! 3 of 5

    Yes, I see you... Check me out!

  • Smile! 4 of 5

    Ben does not often smile at the cameras... he is usually annoyed at them finding him!

  • HA! 5 of 5

    Maybe I'll just enjoy it today!

(Photo Source : Pacific Coast )

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