Ben Affleck Carries His Adorable Daughter Seraphina! (Photos)

Ben Affleck & Seraphina

A bearded Ben Affleck was spotted at the Brentwood Country Mart with carrying some very precious cargo, his daughter Seraphina.

Ben looked less irked as usual when he realized he was spotted by the paparazzi. As the two left the Country Mart and headed to their car, they were caught in a sprinkling of rain. But a kind citizen came to their rescue and held an umbrella over the two as Ben loaded little Seraphina into his Lexus.

Check out more photos of the daughter daddy duo right here:

  • Ben Affleck & Seraphina 1 of 5
    Ben Affleck & Seraphina
    Such a cute daddy daughter duo! She is getting so big!
  • Book 2 of 5
    Ben was spotted holding a book for Seraphina called Stories from Dickens
  • Hands Full 3 of 5
    Hands Full
    She is getting really big, but dad Ben still carries Seraphina!
  • Helping Hand 4 of 5
    Helping Hand
    Someone helped keep them dry with the aid of an umbrella.
  • Outfit 5 of 5
    Ben Affleck wore a pair of jeans and a leather jacket, a little bit of a tough guy look for Affleck.




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