Benicio del Toro & Kim Stewart Not a Couple: Will They Parent Together?


Benicio Del Toro and Kim StewartIt was confirmed on Monday that the Academy Award winning actor of Traffic and Usual Suspects fame – Benicio del Toro  – will be become a father. The mother, a surprise to almost everyone, is Kimberly Stewart the daughter of the one and only Rod Stewart.

But one thing is clear, and del Toro’s publicist made it known in a statement on Monday, “they are not a couple.” The two apparently had a short lived fling, the duo were never reported canoodling together or were ever spotted hand in hand. They kept it on the down low. But not anymore. And now the two apparently are looking forward to their baby’s arrival.

But although it was confirmed that…“Benicio is the father” and “is very supportive,” one probably wonders how involved del Toro will actually be in parenting. He has been pretty open in the past of not being the “settling down” type of guy. He seems more like a consummate bachelor then a dotting dad. Will he play a big part in his offspring’s life or will he be one of those distant baby-daddies?

Photo: PR Photos