Benjamin Bratt on Marriage and Kids


Suffice to say that Benjamin Bratt has more than gotten over his broken relationship many moons ago to Julia Roberts. The happy family man claims to love spending time at home with his wife of almost eight years, Talisa Soto, and children, Sophia Rosalinda, 7, and Mateo Bravery, 4.  The couple says having kids is a joy and influences their work — and oh, that seven year marriage itch? Forget about it!
“Honestly, they’re at this incredible stage where what comes out of their mouths is such a joy,” Soto, 43, said. “I can sit down and have conversations with them. “[I love] to see their perspective on things just to be with them and see what they have to say about the world, what they see.”

“[Parenting] informs the work, enriches it,” Bratt, 46, said. “The stakes are much higher on every level. The work that you choose will draw you away from that which you care for most, your family, [and] gets a whole new scrutiny.”

And also: According to Bratt, being married nearly eight years feels like only a fraction of the time. “We’re going on our eighth year of our marriage and it feels like six months because we’re so aligned.”

So aligned? Do non-celebrities say things like that? Of course, I don’t interview my friends about their marriages at dinner parties, so what would I know?


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