Bernie Madoff's Family Loses Everything!

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Bernie Madoff's belongings were auctioned online this weekend.

Ponzi schemer Bernie Madoff’s belongings have been auctioned off online this weekend as a way to recoup victims who have lost money to his evil ways.

One Long Island man dropped $1,700 on a collection of monogrammed boxers and hundreds of “gently-used” socks to give to friends and family as awesome holiday novelty gifts. “I don’t really know about the boxers,” he said sheepishly, after spending over one thousand dollars on them. “I just bought it for the socks.”

Another Long Island man, 81-year-old real-estate investor John Rodger, bought Madoff’s 1917 Steinway grand piano for $42,000. “It’s a conversation piece,” he said, adding that he probably overpaid for it by $7,000, but he didn’t even care because, hello, it’s Bernie Madoff’s piano. The auction raised around $2 million total.

But the most staggering and shocking purchase was that of Ruth Madoff’s massive 10.54-karat engagement ring. It sold for $550,000 to an undisclosed buyer!

Yes, I know these are just possessions, but it must be sad for his family – wife and two children – to be losing all of their belongings because of their criminal father.

Do you feel bad for Madoff’s family?