Bernie Madoff's Family Is Jumping Ship


bernard-madoff-shame-daughter-in-law-name-changeBernie Madoff’s daughter-in-law is petitioning to legally change their name. I don’t find this little tidbit of gossip/news surprising in the least.

Stephanie Madoff is trying to save her kids from embarrassment, harassment and endangerment that comes with being associated with the Madoff name.

She said she was “notified of certain death and other threats made against the Madoff family … Though the threats were deemed unfounded, your petitioner fears for her safety and the safety of her children.”

The name change was granted to the family and i must say it probably comes with a big sigh f relief.

I can’t even imagine the stress Stephanie must be feeling. To have the family name haunt you at every turn.

I’m glad that the she was able to protect her family in whatever way she could.


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