Best and Worst Dressed Oscars 2011: Best Dressed Oscars, Worst Dressed Analysis (Video)

best and worst dressed oscars 2011
Best and worst dressed Oscars 2011

Who were the best and worst dressed Oscars 2011 celebrities? While every best and worst dressed Oscars 2011 list will differ slightly, the Today show offered up an analysis of the Oscar fashions.

My best dressed Oscars 2011 picks were Jennifer Hudson, Sandra Bullock and Natalie Portman. Halle Berry, as always, was flawless. Reese Witherspoon rocked it in a classic black and white look with her hair pulled back in a gorgeous ponytail.

As for the worst dressed Oscars 2011 list, Cate Blanchett, Gwyneth Paltrow, Scarlett Johansson and Amy Adams all make the cut.

In this Today show video clip, they also talk about Anne Hathaway’s many dress changes during the Oscars, the beautiful and age appropriately dressed Hailee Steinfeld, and Jennifer Lawrence’s too simple red dress.

For those who put Michelle Williams on their worst dressed Oscars 2011 list, they assure it was amazing in person on the Oscars 2011 red carpet.

Mila Kunis makes the best dressed list too for her romantic lavender dress, but there was some discussion about the neckline, which the experts believe could have been higher.

And the love/loathe debate over Cate Blanchett’s, which is being called “a piece of art.” Most people found it odd all around.