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Best and Worst Moms from the Real Housewives Franchise

By Monica Bielanko |

Spoiler alert: Teresa makes my worst list... But who else is there?

I admit it. I watch The Real Housewives. Of any city. Well, except Miami. But does Miami even count? Who watched Miami? Nobody. Except The Real Housewives of Miami.

You’ve got to know how to watch this kind of reality show. You can’t just watch it at face value. My husband is constantly bitching about how “it’s not real” and that “this scene is obviously scripted by producers.”  No kidding. If you watch the housewives on that level, you’re going to be annoyed. You need to watch beyond the “reality” presented. They present one reality and you need to watch for the reality within the reality. You’re lost, right? Let me explain.

You watch for which stars are angling for camera time or trying to make co-stars look bad. Take a fight, for example. It might be scripted and it might be legitimate. Could be women angling for camera time or it might be one woman hoping for camera time and one woman who totally knows that and doesn’t want to play into it. In this case, we like the second woman, see?

Anyway, there have been about a billion epic scenes from this reality show but I never watch with more horror than any scene featuring Teresa Giudice and her four daughters. This vapid woman has the Toddlers & Tiaras moms beat by a mile, and people? That’s saying something. The worst part is that Teresa has no clue. She doesn’t know that we’re all onto her phony top mom routine. And she legitimately thinks forcing your kid into acting, dancing, singing and ruffled dresses and painting them up in makeup should earn her parent of the year. But that’s part of the fun/horror. Watching Teresa perform for the cameras, totally under the impression that we’re all falling for her “this is the real me” routine.

So it should come as no surprise that Teresa tops my list of worst moms from the real housewives franchise. What will surprise you? The mom who tops my best list.

The best and worst moms from the Real Housewives franchise. Moms from Atlanta, NYC, New Jersey, Orange County and Beverly Hills made each list.  Check it out. Do you agree? Why or why not.

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The Real Housewives: Top Moms and those that Bomb

Worst: Alexis Bellino from Orange County

If Alexis' constant subservience to her "king" husband doesn't make you throw up a little in your mouth, her obsession with her appearance surely will. While she probably isn't actively ruining the lives of her children in the same way Teresa Giudice likely is, I'm not sure Alexis' children have a shot in hell at being normal with her as their primary influence.


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14 thoughts on “Best and Worst Moms from the Real Housewives Franchise

  1. Leah says:

    Great post, but I would have liked to see Laurie from the original RHOC on the list. She helped her kids through many struggles (including her son’s drug and criminal issues), but never showed it for the cameras. A woman of true grace.

  2. Jenn says:

    Love the real housewives shows, TRHONJ is my favorite. Could not agree with you more about Teresa! Can’t stand that fake cow lol

  3. jeneria says:

    As much as I don’t like Theresa, I admire that she doesn’t have a nanny and actually spends times with her kids unlike so many of the others.

  4. jeneria says:

    I love Caroline and Kyle as well. Your forgot Vickie from OC. I know her kids are adults, but the way she helicopters and suffocates her daughter is down right pathetic.

  5. stella says:

    I like everyone on your Best list and agree that Bethenny rocks!! Love how straight up she is about her life and her challenges. I love the Real Housewives and it is great to know that others have the same guilty pleasure. My hubby thinks I am crazy but whatevs.

  6. Maud Therriault says:

    I don’t think I could be stuck in a car with Vicki without drugs or liquor. That being said, the proof is on the pudding, as it were, in terms of her children. Despite how one feels about Vicki she raised two children, much of the time as a single mother, who are college graduates with full-time jobs, who (as far as we know) never got into serious trouble and are seemingly polite and possessing common sense. It kills me to say so, but she must have done something right,

  7. Emry says:

    I would have to say that Danielle Staub, Taylor Armstrong and Teresa Guidice are the three worst moms on the reality shows i watch. Caroline manzo, Kathy and Heather are my 3 picks for best moms on reality shows.

  8. missvigyal says:

    Bias much, I don’t see how you can come up wtih Teresa being a worse mom than Caroline who calls her own kids fat. At least Teresa supports her kids in anything they want to do. The stuff you wrote under her only proves that you do not watch the show.

  9. missvigyal says:

    I mean Kim Zolziak?!?!?! This article is a joke and clearly someones PR is involved. Kim Zolziak has three kids two of which are grown and she doesn’t work and whores around and chooses rich men to support her lifstyle and just had a new baby that she couldnt even care for without three nannies good job writer of this article you really know what a good parent is. lol

  10. amy says:

    I tried watching Beverly Hills one once, but all the blondes looked the same to me- and they were mosly blondes.

  11. MonicaBielanko says:

    @MissVigyal – Perhaps our idea of parenting is very different, but creepy, phony Teresa is awful. She pushes her kids into show business, buys them everything they want and slaps giant dresses and make-up on them at every turn. Her kids are constantly having tantrums about stuff they want. Kim has a great relationship with her daughters who are sweet girls and is always with her baby at home. Also, she is now married to a nice guy who obviously loves the whole family. If I had to choose a mom I’d pick Kim every time. In fact, if I were to die and for some bizarre reason had to choose between Kim or Teresa raising my kids I’d absolutely pick Kim.

  12. MissViGyal says:

    Nope I agree with you that Teresas kids can be bad. I would never tolerate thier behavior but to put Kim Zolziak down as one of the goodm others to me is a joke. A real god mom cares for her kids and doesnt’ depend on hired help to raise them. I also don’t count a good mother who is not a good role model. She has two daughters who have seen her run through men left and right for money. Yea she may have found the right guy now so just because she lands an NFL player she is a good mother?

  13. anirbas says:

    @missvigyal – I completely agree with you. I am horrified every time Caroline Manzo calls her daughter ‘fat’. She clearly favors her sons over her daughters. I can’t stand Caroline with all her principles when all she is a housewife.

  14. Kayla says:

    Caroline Manzo who makes comments about her daughter’s weight is a good mom?

    This article is a joke.

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