Which Cartoon Mom are you?


If these ‘toon moms could jump from the TV screen into our living rooms, we’d happily let them watch our kids and cook us dinner.

Andrea Zimmerman


Jane Jetson, The Jetsons

If the Real Housewives went animated, doting Jane (with the live-in help of maid/nanny/pseudo-mom Robot Rosey) would no doubt be given a starring role. We’re not so stoked that she makes the rest of Mom-kind look bad in the creative dinner department, and sigh, her orange hair always looks coiffed, but boy, does she dote on Judy and Elroy.


Betty Rubble, The Flintstones

Betty finds an abandoned infant at her doorstop one day, and BOOM. No question about it, takes little Bamm-Bamm in as her own, even going to court against legendary “Perry Masonry” to win custody of her baby boy. Such a good adoptive momma, that Betty we’re willing to look past the annoying giggle.


Bambi’s Mom, Bambi

Still chokes us up to this day to think about Bambi’s dad telling his son, “Your mother can no longer be with you.” Any mom who risks death to protect her four-legged offspring earns a “Mother of the Year Award” in our books. Sniff.


Mama Bear, Berenstain Bears

Really, is there a life lesson this wise, furry momma didn’t teach her two mischievous cubs? Handling pressure, staying safe, living by the golden rule? The list goes on. Oh, and she manages to balance parent and social time quite impressively: she’s a whiz at quilt-making and president of the Bear Country Garden Club.


Mother Bear, Little Bear

Oh, Mother Bear. You are so kind and sweet and soft-spoken. You must have some alternate wacked-out personality. Except you don’t. And even though you’re so nicey-nice it makes us want to choke on our kid’s animal crackers sometimes, we appreciate that your bear humming calms them down when they’re watching the tube.


Mrs. Jumbo, Dumbo

Like any good mom, Mrs. Jumbo sticks up for her floppy-eared son when the rest of the elephants poke fun of his large ears even getting imprisoned by the circus folk for her outburst. Need we even mention the heart-wrenching mother/son trunk nuzzling scene? Too much.


Miss Spider, Miss Spider’s Sunny Patch Friends

The warm spider with the big blue eyes is the epitome of a loving mother. She treats all her Sunny Patch kids equal and instills wholesome values like, “We have to be good to bugs, all bugs.” Right on.


Wilma Flintstone, The Flintstones

The level-headed matriarch of the Flintstone clan, Wilma maintains a clean home and family sanity for baby Pebbles. Not an easy task, when you’ve got an elephant vacuum cleaner and a husband like Fred. Plus, does she look fab in pearls or what?


Didi Pickles, Rugrats

Sure, she’s a tad overprotective of her son, Tommy, but frizzy-haired Didi sure means well in the Mom department. And we can’t fault her for heeding every piece of Dr. Lipschitz parenting advice she can get her hands on.


Martha Generic, Bobby’s World

She’s got that universal mom quality: eyes in the back of her head! (Which, of course, come in quite handy when disciplining goofball Bobby.) Plus, it’s quite entertaining to hear her spew motherly advice in that Upper Midwestern “gee golly” accent.


Nanny, Muppet Babies

We may never see her face, but her distinctive pink skirt and striped socks hold court over the Muppet nursery. Let’s face it any lady who can quiet the likes of Gonzo, Kermit and the gang simply by walking in the room has some serious mamma powers.


Grammi Gummi, Disney’s Adventures of the Gummi Bears

The matriarch of the Gummi Clan, she possesses the traits of all great moms: maternal, but means business when she has to. Plus, she’s got a signature Mom dish her famous gummiberry juice!


Rebecca Cunningham, TaleSpin

Representin’ the single mammas, stubborn, all- business Rebecca not only watches over her daughter Molly, but also plays step-mom to orphan Kit and keeps lazy Baloo in-line. That can’t be easy for one lady.


Fairy Godmother, Cinderella

So she’s technically not a mom, per se, but she saves little Cindy from the wrath of her evil stepmother with some pretty spectacular magical powers. Imagine: Bibbity-bobbity-boo! Clean diaper!


Marge Simpson, The Simpsons

She owns her Mom-ness and her sexiness. Yep, the scratchy-voiced, blue-haired mamacita bared all for Playboy, and still manages to be the voice of reason in a yellow family full of dysfunction. Plus, years after it went out of style, Marge still makes the retro beehive look rockin’.

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