Best Friend of Christina Walsh Addresses Charlie Sheen Scandal on Twitter

christina walsh
Christina Walsh's best friend Tuesday Cross tweets about scandal

The best friend of Christina Walsh aka Capri Anderson has spoken out about the Charlie Sheen scandal via (what else?) Twitter and gives a good tongue-lashing laced with expletives to those who believe sordid things about her BFF. The friend, Tuesday Cross (wonder if it’s her real name?) describes herself as a “porn starlet, artist, musician and metalhead.” As the parent of four young children, couldn’t Sheen do his kids a favor and get over his affinity for the adult film industry? Anyway, here’s what she said and Christina Walsh / Capri Anderson’s response. (Note the bleeps, the actual tweet had the real words.)

Tuesday Cross tweeted: If you actually believe all the bullsh– about my best friend Capri Anderson on the news then you are just a f@#$ing tool …. dumb***.

Apparently Christina Walsh approves of that message because she tweeted back: I love you bestie.

I cannot link here to Tuesday Cross’ Twitter account, because it’s not exactly family friendly. Sigh. But, hey, this whole thing is Charlie Sheen’s manager’s fault.

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