Best Super Bowl Commercials: Kim Kardashian Gets Her Sexy Back in Skechers Ad (Video)

kim kardashian super bowl commercial
Kim Kardashian Super Bowl Commercial

So much for the more wholesome image that Kim Kardashian was promising as recently as last week! 

In her new Super Bowl commercial for Skechers, Kim Kardashian is going straight back to her overty sexy roots by stripping down and cranking the sex appeal up to hype up some shoes. 

Poor Kim was crying on her reality show about this time last week over her photspread in the annual W Magazine “Art” issue which featured the sexpot dressed in nothing more than silver paint on the mag’s cover.   The discovery that her assets were once again going to be on display brought her to tears.  Now in the Skechers ad, Kim is prancing around dressed in a skimpy workout outfit and her Skechers around a partially dressed anonymous guy.  That’s her new wholesome image! 

At some point Kim Kardashian will need to make up her mind, does she want the world to see her as a sex object or not.  Right now it seems that she’s fine with her sexy image as long as the price is right.

What did you think of Kim’s new super sexy Super Bowl Commercial?