Best Superbowl Commercials 2011


super bowl commercialsSome of us tune in to the Super Bowl just to watch the Super Bowl commercials. There were some disappointments this year, but there also some cute commercials.

What were the best Super Bowl Commercials 2011? And sorry, but I’m not mentioning the Justin Bieber Super Bowl commercial. It didn’t make the cut for me.

What did?

*The Teleflora commercial with Faith Hill and the clueless guy who had no idea what a romantic message really is.

*The commercial with the little Darth Vader was cute: good job Volkswagon.

*Etrade: because we can’t get enough of the etrade babies! You can make your own etrade baby.

*Doritos: the adorable little dog taking out the door to get to the Doritos.

*Pepsi Max had two good ones: the woman throwing the can at her man and taking out the girl he was looking at and then the first date commercial: not that I’d want my kids to hear that date commercial!

What was your favorite Super Bowl Commercial?