Best YouTube Video Ever: Babies Perform Lady Gaga's Telephone


Move over Beyonce babies! While there have been a slew of kids who’ve gained Internet fame shaking their groove thangs to Single Ladies, I’ve never seen a video quite so epically awesome as these babies getting their Gaga on. And while I am not usually into dressing up your child and making them perform like an exploited circus monkey for the applause of the computer owning public, this is just so good and the kids look like they’re having a great time. Dress up has never been as much fun as when it involves high-concept outfits, fake hair, masks and a ton of neon make-up.

Out of all the gifts the Internet has given us, this is one of the best.  The parents of Kiera Ladrow, Baby Gaga, should be proud. Click through to view.

Directed by Jake Wilson.


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