Bethenny Ever After Bathies with Bryn (Video): Bethenny Frankel and Hubby Give Bryn a Bath

bethenny frankel bryn bathies video bethenny ever after
Bethenny Frank and Bryn share "bathies"

Watch the Bethenny Ever After video clip from last night’s episode, where we see Bethenny Frankel and her husband give baby Bryn her bath. “Bathies,” as Frankel calls it, is truly a family affair!

Bethenny climbs in the tub and then Jason brings Bryn – and then he gets in there too to soap her up… so cute!

Bethenny told OK! magazine last year about their bathtime ritual: “We call them bathies. She takes a bath with me and he does the assisting. I’m in the tub with her, we do little swimmies.”

Bethenny and Jason were heading to Montreal to watch Bethenny’s Skinny Girl cocktail get bottled, so she was going to be away from Bryn for the first time.

You also see Bethenny get all emotional about baby Bryn, when she talks about how clingy she is during the bath – holding on to Frankel like she’s never letting go. “It’s the best part of the day,” Bethenny says.

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