Bethenny Ever After: Will There Be a Season 3 & Will We See More Bryn?

Bethenny Ever After

The second season of Bethenny Ever After just came to a triumphant close. Bethenny Frankel was able to secure her families future with the sale of Skinnygirl cocktail company for a staggering $120 Million dollars. But does that mean she’d be saying ‘Adios’ to reality TV and will bask in the glory of her new found fortune? And will she take baby Bryn off the air and let her grow up in private? Will there be a season three of Bethenny Ever After?

Yes, yes there will.  After the airing of the finale of season two, Bethenny tweeted, “Tears streaming down my was so great sharing my life& this season with you.I’m slowing down now&soon enough season 3 will be here.XO.” And one of the biggest draws of her show is her struggles with motherhood and learning the ropes of being a mother to daughter Bryn. So there is no doubt that we’ll be seeing more of her young daughter. Her daughter has been on reality TV since birth – scratch that – since BEFORE she was married.

The TV public witnessed Bethenny’s positive pregnancy test, the pregnancy itself, and baby Bryn’s birth. And now we are sharing in Byrn’s babyhood. Are her toddler years next? Will we see see a Bryn Ever After show next?

What do you think of having a child’s life chronicled on reality TV?

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