Bethenny Frankel: "73% Chance" She'll Have Another Baby


Never let it be said Bethenny Frankel isn’t precise. When asked recently if she’ll have more children, the new mom to Bryn said she’d like one more and there is a “73 percent chance” she will have another baby. No word on where she came up with that calculation. So when can we expect to see another Hoppy addition?

She told Access Hollywood when she wants to have her second baby and also dished on the RHONY reunion show.

“I’ll probably have two, probably,” she said. “There’s probably, I would say, a 73 percent chance I’ll have another baby and it will be within the next two years.”

On returning to RHONY: “The only thing that would sway me would probably be money but it’s not like… we don’t make tremendous amounts of money,” she said. “I just feel like it might be the end of the party and I don’t like to be at a party too long. Money wouldn’t be able to make up for a mistake like staying on a show too long. That wouldn’t be good. And I don’t know if it would be smart to stay on. And I don’t know if I want to stay on.”

On the reunion show: “There were crazy outbursts. It was a great, great reunion…[But,] I wanted to get home to the baby. And I just had given birth two weeks ago and I just felt like I was in a really different place. And a lot of this didn’t feel all that important to me at that point.”