Bethenny Frankel and Baby Bryn Yoga Time! (Photo)

Bethenny Frankel baby Bryn yoga mat photo twitter
Bethenny Frankel and Bryn: Mommy and Me Yoga!

Bethenny Frankel continues to be one of our favorite tweeters, dishing up equal parts of self-promotion and inside peeks at her life.

The latest photo of baby Bryn shows Bethenny and daughter spending a little quality time together doing “Mommy and Me Yoga.”

Is Bryn following in mom’s yoga footsteps? Baby Body by Bryn, anyone?

Bethenny squeezes in workout time while hanging with Bryn, who looks like she’s getting the hang of the yoga thing. Also? How big is Bryn getting already?

Bethenny tweets: “Mommy and me yoga! We call this ‘happy baby pose.’ ”

Too cute!

By the way, the adorable kid-sized sun yoga mat is available from Amazon from The Little Yoga Mat.

Image: Bethenny Frankel Twitter

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