Bethenny Frankel And Bryn Clean Makeup Brushes Together, Start Filming Season 3 of 'Bethenny Ever After'

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Bethenny and Bryn walk through New York City together.

Talk about an odd way to have bonding time. Bethenny Frankel of Bethenny Ever After is letting her fans know that her daughter Bryn helps her clean her makeup brushes.

Frankel tweeted earlier today saying, “Bryn helps me clean my makeup brushes!.Cleanser or gentle shampoo&h20 then dry& lay flat on towel over ledge or sink.”

Sounds cute to us! If only we could see a few photos of this interaction. Where’s Jason when you need him?

The third season of Bethenny Ever After is said to begin filming very soon with Bethenny and Jason taking on home renovations. I guess money does come in handy eventually.

On Friday (July 29) she wrote, “I can’t believe I’m about to start a home renovation&film season 3 of my show!lots of great stories to come.”

Are you looking forward to season three of Bethenny Ever After?

[Photo via Pacific Coast News.]


What’s your take on this Reality TV Mom– love her or hate her?

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