Bethenny Frankel: Breastfeeding "Emotional" and "Traumatic"


New mom Bethenny Frankel is voicing what so many new mothers find out shortly after their babies are born: breastfeeding can be really, really hard.  Via Twitter, she called the process of nursing baby girl Bryn “emotional” and “traumatic” which is exactly how I felt when I gave nursing my twins a go — and then finally gave up. (Perhaps since Frankel is currently feeling emotional this would be a good time for Kelly Bensimon to reinvigorate the “cook” vs. “chef” debate.)

Unlike many new moms, however, and perhaps in the TMI category, Frankel also reveals that she is ready for a little post-partum action.

“I can’t wait to do it again! 4 weeks more! Stitches are healing!” she over-shared. Maybe by “do it again” she means yoga?  Regardless, if you are a new mom having trouble breastfeeding, you are not alone!