Bethenny Frankel Confesses! Her & Hubby Don't Like Each Other! (Video)

Bethenny Frankel and Jason Hoppy Looking Happy

Bethenny Frankel is the queen of the overshare. She is not one to hide anything or keep her feeling hidden, we saw her pee in a ice bucket at her wedding, get in personal confrontations, get married, have a baby, and get very famous.

Usually there are some things that people in the spotlight try to keep hidden, their marital woes. But Bethenny? She’s as brutally honest about her marriage as she is with everything else.

In a clip from her show Bethenny Ever After she makes a very sad and shocking confession about her and hubby Jason Hoppy…

they don’t like each other!

In the episode Bethenny informs Jason that they’ll be going on a boat trip with a therapist that specializes in marriage issues.  Jason’s reaction? “So I’m basically going to be analyzed my whole weekend?” He attempted to diagnose their problems saying, “I think the one issue we’ve been having in our second year of marriage…” But Bethnny interjects with the very cutting,  “Besides not liking each other?”

Wow. Do you think that Bethenny and Jason will be a couple for much longer?

Check out the video of the clip right here:

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