Bethenny Frankel Doesn't Take Parenting Advice


Bethenny Getting Married? reality star Bethenny Frankel doesn’t seek out advice for parenting when it comes to raising 3-month-old daughter Bryn.

“The truth is I didn’t listen to that much advice while I was pregnant or after because everyone has an opinion and you want to experience it on your own,” says Frankel, 39, who wed Jason Hoppy last March.

Bethenny’s advice to others is sleep and lots of it!  “Sleep while the baby’s sleeping!”

Bryn was born five weeks early and weighed just 4 lb., 11 oz.  She is growing quickly and is very healthy.

Hopefully we will get to see more of baby Bryn if BRAVO decides to pick up the series for a second season.  Perhaps it should be called, Bethenny, Married With a Baby.

What are your ideas for a new title?

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