Bethenny Frankel: Earmuffs, Dunkin' Donuts & Bryn! (Photos)

Bethenny Frankel and Bryn!

Apparently the “Skinny Girl” rules don’t always apply, especially when you take into account the dietary wants and yearnings of a toddler.

Bethenny Frankel was spotted in a chilly New York City with her daughter Bryn, and although she generally feeds her sweetie more healthy options than sweets, she does make exceptions. Bryn was seen snacking on a treat from Dunkin’ Donuts! And thank goodness, it’s nice to see moms who are find a balance between healthy eating and the occasional goodie.

The mother/daughter duo did look adorable, all bundled up for the Fall chill; Byrn in a hot pink puffer jacket and hat and mom Bethenny Frankel sporting a pair of earmuffs.

Check out more photos of Bethenny and Bryn below.

  • Dunkin’ Donuts 1 of 5
    Dunkin' Donuts
    You'd never think that Bethenny Frankel would ever let Bryn eat something from Dunkin' Donuts...but here she is chowing down on a sugary treat!
  • Bundled Up 2 of 5
    Bundled Up
    It's getting cold in New York City so Bethenny and Bryn got all bundled up for their outing.
  • Doting Mom 3 of 5
    Doting Mom
    Bethenny Frankel was a dotting mom to her daughter Bryn on their trip out together. Cute!
  • Winter Wear 4 of 5
    Winter Wear
    Bethenny looked to be getting ready for winter in her wool coat, sweater and tall boots.
  • Bryn 5 of 5
    We haven't seen that much of Bryn lately, she sure is getting big!