Bethenny Frankel Gets Kissy Kissy With Bryn! (Photos)


Bethenny Frankel was all smiles on a gorgeous, yet chilly, spring day in New York City. And the now single and very busy mom had a good reason to smile. She was with her adorable – and growing – little girl Bryn! She’s been spending some quality time with her daughter and is becoming quite the proud mama. Just yesterday she tweeted, “Nothing is sweeter than watching your child make a new friend on their own. So cute.” You know what else is cute? Seeing Bethenny and Bryn together! Check out the two right here:

  • Bethenny and Bryn 1 of 5
    Bethenny and Bryn
    Bryn is out of her stroller and walking side by side with her mom! So cute.
  • Bundled Up 2 of 5
    Bundled Up
    And Bryn was very much bundled up on her outing with her mom!
  • The Lift 3 of 5
    The Lift
    And as with many a toddler, Bryn wanted to be carried!
  • All Smiles 4 of 5
    All Smiles
    Bethenny looks to be beaming! She looks so happy!
  • The Kiss 5 of 5
    The Kiss
    Bethenny gave Byrn a big kiss. How cute!