Bethenny Frankel Gives Bryn Her First Time Out!

Bethenny Frankel Bryn time out Twitter
Bethenny Frankel tweets about Bryn's time out

Most parents face that dreaded moment – your kid’s first time out. Bethenny Frankel shared on Twitter that she gave Bryn her first time out and calls it “difficult.”

What happened?

Bethenny tweeted: “i just did my 1st time out w bryn.she tries to run cookie over w her little bike so i put her in her crib.this is difficult.”


It’s never easy, but understandable that she’d want to discipline Bryn for trying to run over the dog!

Of course, Bethenny got plenty of advice from Twitter fans, including this tip: “Her bed should not be used as punishment. find another place to put her.”

Bethenny is thankful for the parenting advice, tweeting: “You all give the best advice. I think I tweet what is going on so I can see how to do it better.”

Image: Bethenny Frankel Twitter

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