Bethenny Frankel Has a New "Brestfriend"


Who needs Jill Zarin as a BFF — Bethenny Frankel found a new best friend! Well, actually, a new “Brestfriend.”  The Twitter happy new mom to Bryn reveals she is using the Brestfriend breastfeeding pillow to help in her nursing efforts — and she’s worried about losing her perky bosom.

She Twittered: “In other news,the Brestfriend,a shelf around ur waist for breastfeeding is life changing. u can even put a drink or remote on it!”  Frankel is also asking friends and fans: “Is it time to buy nice bras again, or will breast feeding make me look like something out of national geographic?”

Um, save your money, Bethenny. Sadly, the latter.

If you want to try the Brestfriend (maybe just as a drink holder even if you aren’t breastfeeding), go here.