Bethenny Frankel Has Her Own Pumpkin Carving Party, Gets Ready For Halloween (Photos)


Bethenny Frankel is getting ready for one of the most exciting holidays of the year: Halloween! The popular talk show host has not only been walking the streets of New York City in costume along with her 3-year-old daughter Bryn, but has also shared pics of her visiting her local pumpkin patch and having a pumpkin carving party at home. How fun!

Check out our photos below of some of Bethenny’s latest Twitter pics, and tell us: have you started prepping for Halloween at home, too? Also, are you dressing up along with your children this year?

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    Bethenny Frankel had herself a little pumpkin carving party at home.

    Photos via Twitter

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    It's so much fun visiting pumpkin patches during this time of the year!

    Photos via Twitter

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    No, Bethenny didn't get a tattoo of Rick Springfield's name on her foot. Or maybe....

    Photos via Twitter

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    Have you picked up your copy of SkinnyGirl Solutions yet?

    Photos via Twitter

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    Bethenny is a frugalista! She bought this belt for only $3.

    Photos via Twitter

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    It's Cookie! That dog looks soooo comfortable on that pillow!

    Photos via Twitter

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    According to Bethenny, the apple never falls far from the apple tree!

    Photos via Twitter

Photos via Twitter

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