Bethenny Frankel: "I Could Gain Another Five Pounds"

Bethenny Frankel

Having celebrities talk about their weight is never an easy topic, but the Elvis Duran Morning Radio Show were able to somehow make reality television Bethenny Frankel discuss her much-talked about frame.

While Bethenny had tried to promote her latest novel, “Skinny Dipping” on the show, host Elvis managed to talk about her weight instead, bringing up her constant battle with the tabloids surrounding her “Skinny Girl” image. She replied saying she eats normally, and that while she can stand to gain five pounds she is just to busy to put the weight on.

Tell us, do you think the tabloids give celebrity moms a hard time over being “too skinny” or sometimes “too big.” It seems like no one can ever be “just right” for the media. Also, do you think it was right for Elvis to bring up Bethenny’s weight during the show? I sure as heck wouldn’t have appreciated that!

Hey Elvis, how about we talk about your weight instead?

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