Bethenny Frankel: In Best Shape Ever After Bryn was Born- How Did She Do It?


Bethenny Frankel has had her own personal battles with trying to keep the weight off,  from diets to becoming an exercise fiend. But now, the 40-year-old mom is in the best shape of her life, without resorting to the two previous mentioned methods.

How does she do it?

There was a time when she thought that, “If I wasn’t sweating my ass off, I felt like I was wasting my time,” she told Us Weekly. This is a thing of the past, now she does yoga two or three times a week in addition to working out on an elliptical machine.

She’s really relied on yoga saying that, “I used to spin every day like a lunatic,” she told Us. “You know, I have a stressful enough schedule without being on some bicycle going 150 miles an hour. Yoga makes me feel better. Plus, you can do it in a hotel room or at home. The Plank position is an amazing ab exercise!”

And it’s just not her doing the yoga in the house. Daughter Bryn and her hubby get into the action as well. Bethenny added, “I like to say that the family that namastes together, stays together.”